A Christmas to Remember AND Bob’s White Christmas

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Title: A Christmas to Remember  AND  Bob’s White Christmas

Starring: Bob the Builder, with voices of Elton John, Noddy Holder and Chris Evans

Year of Release: 2001

Storyline : (thanks to IMDb.com)

Near Christmas, Bob the Builder and his machine team gang of talking construction vehicles are preparing for the Winter Christmas Holiday celebration season. Bob’s twin brother Thomas The Zoologist (who lives in the Arctic Circle near the North Pole) is coming for Christmas, Spud The Scarecrow is trying to be good to get presents and a big Christmas concert is coming up. But unfortunately, a huge ULTIMATE DISASTER has happened with the Christmas tree and the town hall has nearly smashed to SMITHEREENS!!. Will the concert work out? Will Tom get there for Christmas? Will Spud be on the nice list? Will the tree and the town hall be alright??? Find out the answers in “A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER”.


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