Christmas Town

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Title: Christmas Town

Starring: Nicole De Boer, Patrick Muldoon, Garry Chalk, Gig Morton

Year of Release: 2008

Storyline : (thanks to

Southern California realtor and single mother Liza McCann is a workaholic, much like her banker father Jack Travers. Her work leaves her little time to spend with her nine-year-old son, Mason, even during the Christmas holidays, much to Mason’s dismay. Liza sees Christmas as a nuisance with which to deal, except for being able to use the holiday spirit of others to her business advantage. Despite Liza’s feelings about Christmas, Mason is able to talk her into visiting Jack for Christmas, who has just moved to a little town called Hollyville, which isn’t located on any map. Upon their arrival in Hollyville, Mason immediately becomes enthralled with life in the town, especially at the mysterious N.P. Enterprises, and the Christmas spirit pervasive there, which he believes is more than just Christmas spirit. Liza, surprised to see Jack living a more relaxed lifestyle, just wants to continue on with her work via cell phone, but Jack, Mason, and local café owner Kevin O’Reilly, who, like Jack, just found Hollyville when his life wasn’t going all that well, try to convince Liza that she needs to believe to make her life more meaningful.


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