Dashing Through The Snow

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Title: Dashing Through The Snow

Starring: Meghan Ory, Andrew Walker

Year of Release: 2015

Storyline :

Based on a novel by Debbie Macomber, this yuletide movie tells the story of Ashley Harrison (Meghan Ory) and Dash Sutherland (Andrew Walker). She is a crafter based in San Francisco who is desperate to spend the holidays with her family in Seattle and Dash is also in a rush to get there.

When Ashley inexplicably encounters a problem with her reservation at the airport ticket counter, she turns to Plan B and attempts to rent a car. But there’s just one vehicle left and Dash beats her to it. Reluctantly, Ashley takes him up on his offer to join him on the road trip. As the pair heads north, their adventures include car trouble, adopting a puppy and being secretly tailed by Federal agents who believe Ashley is up to no good.

With a hint of romance gradually filling the air, will these two fall in love or will their journey bring about an unexpected road bump to romance?

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