Give At Christmas

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Title: Give At Christmas

Starring: The Hooley Dooleys – David Butts and Antoine Demarest

Year of Release: 2006

Storyline : (thanks to georgeandmartha –

Take this magical journey at Christmas with THE HOOLEY DOOLEYS as they teach the little ones the importance of giving in this fun-filled adventure. It is Christmas Eve and everyone is sitting around the fire waiting for a very special Hooley Dooleys Christmas story. Antoine opens his special book, and begins with “Once upon a time in a land called Oopsadazee there lived the Hooley Dooleys…” Penelope Perfect, who is in charge of all the Christmas Elves, helps them get the gifts ready. Remembering that at Christmas time it is much more important to give, the Hooley Dooleys also prepare special presents for all their special friends. Everyone sings and dances to The Hooley Dooleys Christmas songs…when suddenly the moment they have all been waiting for arrives – it is Santa on his sleigh, pulled along by Russell the Red Nosed Kanga!


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