Donald Duck’s Christmas Favourites

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Title: Donald Duck’s Christmas Favourites

Starring: Voices of Walt Disney (Mickey), Marcellite Garner (Minnie), Clarence Nash (Donald) and others

Year of Release: 2012

Storyline (thanks to :

In “Donald Duck’s Christmas Favourites, you’ll be treated to some of the best and most hilarious cartoon shorts from the days when Walt Disney himself added his magical touch to each film. The full effect of his presence can be felt in these sparkling gems that for generations have brought joy and laughter to kids and families everywhere. Want to find out how a real snowball fight is done? Discover how to replace snow with popcorn? Learn how an alpine expedition should NOT be done? You’ll get all the answers you need in this collection of Donald Duck’s Christmas Favourites – a delightful winter collection from all of us to all of you. Features: “Hockey Champ” (1939), “Snow Fight” (1942), “Rescue Dog” (1947), “Chip ‘n Dale” (1947), “Winter Storage” (1949), “Toy Tinkers” (1949), “Corn Chips” (1951), “On Ice” (1935), “Alpine Climbers” (1936) and “The Art of Skiing” (1941).


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