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Best Christmas album of all time?

There are now only …. (drumroll please? …. drumroll!) 35 days to Christmas. So if you haven’t got your Christmas music sorted yet, you need to read on! If you Google “best christmas album of all time”, you’ll get lists. And most of those lists will have “Elvis’ Christmas Album” by Elvis Presley, “Merry Christmas” by Bing Crosby, and “Merry Christmas” by Mariah Carey. With at least 1 of these in your collection, you’ll be listening to the very BEST Christmas music ever this year!! Great news – all 3 of these classics are available from Rusty’s Christmas Records! And from now until New Year, they’re half price for 2 or more. Don’t delay – SHOP NOW !!! Rusty

Elvis, Bing or Mariah?
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50% OFF until the end of 2020 !!

There are now only 100 days to Christmas!

Rusty’s Christmas Records wants to help you buy some great Christmas music this year to get you into the festive spirit – so how about “HALF PRICE MUSIC AND MOVIES”!!! Buy 2 or more items – vinyl records, CDs or DVDs – and get them half price from today until 31 December 2020.

Use coupon code RCR50 when you check out.

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Did You Know That You Can Play Music CD’s On A DVD Player ??

Like most people, you probably got rid of your old record player at least 20 years ago! What about CD’s? If you’d like some Christmas music for the festive season, have a look at the great range of CD’s available on the website. All of these will happily play on your DVD or Blu-ray disc player, or in the disc tray of your PC or laptop.

Play music CD’s on a DVD player or Blu-ray player like this
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What’s your favourite Christmas record, CD or DVD?

OK, so we’re into July, which means we’re already closer to NEXT Christmas than last Christmas, right? So maybe it’s time to start thinking about what sort of music, songs and movies might entertain you over Christmas this year.
A lot of people have forgotten how beautiful Christmas can be when you’re listening to Christmas carols or watching a Christmas movie while you’re having a Christmas drink or wrapping presents for your kids or loved ones.
I’ve selected a record, a CD and a DVD here which all say “It’s Christmas” and would bring a smile to every face. Check them out now at and please share this post with your friends.

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More new stock listed in “Non-Christmas” records

Hi music lovers,
I hope you enjoyed seeing the covers of 6 of the albums now in Rusty’s Christmas Records shop. If none of them were to your liking, here’s another 6 to have a look at. There’s been a lot of new Christmas records, CD’s and videos listed as well so please browse them too. Enjoy!

Something for everyone – don’t wait for Christmas!
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New Albums Listed!

Thanks to everyone for being so patient in waiting for the new category of “Non-Christmas” to have some stock listed in it! Please go to the category RIGHT NOW and have a look – there’s sure to be something for nearly everyone who owns a record turntable – here’s a small sample.

Something for everyone in the new category of “Non-Christmas”
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The website is Secure again!

As I’m sure everyone knows, it’s essential that your personal data, especially financial data, is protected when you’re shopping online. We all know by now to look for the little “padlock” symbol in front of the web address to verify that the site is secure. And look – is secure.

The website is SECURE.

Go to the website now and prove it for yourself. Oh, and browse the Christmas records while you’re there ! Rusty

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We’ve added an exciting new product CATEGORY for you to shop on Rusty’s CHRISTMAS RECORDS. I have a LOT of record albums that aren’t Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they should be hidden away. So the new category is Records – Non Christmas. Just to tease you, there are no PRODUCTS in there yet but these are coming very soon! Here’s a small taste….

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Goodbye to Christmas 2019

With Christmas now over and the tree and decorations being put away, I’ve been listing some new titles on the website. One record that I’m really excited about is this one – “We wish you a Merry Christmas” by The Holly Singers. It’s from 1976 and has all of the favourites we know and love, sung by a renowned group of singers. This is a must-have for your Christmas record collection – be quick, we only have one copy!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas – The Holly Singers