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Christmas In July – what music do you want?

Rusty and the family celebrated Christmas in July this year! The type of warming food we enjoy at Christmas – roast turkey and baked veggies, Christmas pudding and hot custard- are all better when it’s cold outside, right? This 3 disc set on CD “NOW That’s What I Call Christmas” would provide the perfect background music for YOUR Christmas celebration too. Go to the website and check out this and the 100’s of other titles now!

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Record Store Day 2021

It was so great to be part of Record Store Day (RSD) this year!

And we’re glad that so many vinyl record enthusiasts were able to take advantage of our 24 hour half-price sale.

If you forgot, or missed out because your chosen record title was already “out of stock”, you can contact us from the website and we MAY be persuaded to help you out. Come on, give us a try!

Rusty 🎅

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Christmas for kids – the Wiggles, Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig and lot’s more!

Start making preparations NOW to give the children in your life a special surprise this Christmas.

Christmas music, on vinyl record or CD, is great for adults to enjoy – but children usually need to SEE what’s happening. Kid’s like to watch the fun on-screen and we’ve got a great range of Christmas-themed DVD’s to make that happen!

You’ll find all of these and lots more on the website


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Perth Vinyl Junkies now have a Coupon Code here too!

Along with members of Australian Vinyl Collectors and Perth Vinyl Record Swap/Trade, members of Perth Vinyl Junkies now have their own 50% permanent discount coupon code at too!

Perth Vinyl Junkies members can now use the code PVJ50 at the checkout – all Christmas-themed records, CD’s and DVD’s, no minimum spend, EASY!

Ah Rusty, you’ve done it again! 🎅

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Great News For Facebook Groups!

As many would know, Christmas Records also has a Facebook page @RustysChristmasRecords.

From the FB page, it’s easy to navigate to the website to browse all the newly added records, CD’s and DVD’s. Plus now, we’re accepting “Coupon Codes” at the checkout which give 50% DISCOUNT on all Christmas-themed music and movies!

Coupon Codes have so far been issued to 2 Facebook Groups – Australian Vinyl Collectors, and Perth Vinyl Record Swap/Trade. Confirmed members of these groups can use their special coupon code ALL YEAR ROUND, as many times as they like, for a 50% product discount at the checkout.

If you’re a member of a Facebook group with a primary interest in music or movies, why not contact Rusty to ask for a coupon code for your members? Rusty will join your group and advise the new 50% discount Coupon Code in a post to the page. EASY! DO IT NOW! Rusty

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1st Post for 2021

The 2020 Christmas festivities are just a distant memory, we’re all back at work and the kids are back at school. Time to take a breath and …… think about NEXT Christmas of course!!!Rusty has been busy listing a truckload of new music and movies on Rusty’s Christmas Records. Why not spend 5 minutes right now browsing the virtual shelves of the shop? To get you started, click on the CD album below, 100% CHRISTMAS – popular artists singing favourite carols and tunes, brilliant! But this album is 1 of a kind and it won’t be here next time you think of Christmas sometime in November – be quick, buy it now!

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Best Christmas album of all time?

There are now only …. (drumroll please? …. drumroll!) 35 days to Christmas. So if you haven’t got your Christmas music sorted yet, you need to read on! If you Google “best christmas album of all time”, you’ll get lists. And most of those lists will have “Elvis’ Christmas Album” by Elvis Presley, “Merry Christmas” by Bing Crosby, and “Merry Christmas” by Mariah Carey. With at least 1 of these in your collection, you’ll be listening to the very BEST Christmas music ever this year!! Great news – all 3 of these classics are available from Rusty’s Christmas Records! And from now until New Year, they’re half price for 2 or more. Don’t delay – SHOP NOW !!! Rusty

Elvis, Bing or Mariah?
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50% OFF until the end of 2020 !!

There are now only 100 days to Christmas!

Rusty’s Christmas Records wants to help you buy some great Christmas music this year to get you into the festive spirit – so how about “HALF PRICE MUSIC AND MOVIES”!!! Buy 2 or more items – vinyl records, CDs or DVDs – and get them half price from today until 31 December 2020.

Use coupon code RCR50 when you check out.

Please share this with everyone you know.



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Did You Know That You Can Play Music CD’s On A DVD Player ??

Like most people, you probably got rid of your old record player at least 20 years ago! What about CD’s? If you’d like some Christmas music for the festive season, have a look at the great range of CD’s available on the website. All of these will happily play on your DVD or Blu-ray disc player, or in the disc tray of your PC or laptop.

Play music CD’s on a DVD player or Blu-ray player like this