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Great News For Facebook Groups!

As many would know, Christmas Records also has a Facebook page @RustysChristmasRecords.

From the FB page, it’s easy to navigate to the website to browse all the newly added records, CD’s and DVD’s. Plus now, we’re accepting “Coupon Codes” at the checkout which give 50% DISCOUNT on all Christmas-themed music and movies!

Coupon Codes have so far been issued to 2 Facebook Groups – Australian Vinyl Collectors, and Perth Vinyl Record Swap/Trade. Confirmed members of these groups can use their special coupon code ALL YEAR ROUND, as many times as they like, for a 50% product discount at the checkout.

If you’re a member of a Facebook group with a primary interest in music or movies, why not contact Rusty to ask for a coupon code for your members? Rusty will join your group and advise the new 50% discount Coupon Code in a post to the page. EASY! DO IT NOW! Rusty

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